USN’s performance range is scientifically formulated to help improve your performance and recovery. Try your best to eat a balanced diet, including foods that are functional where possible and avoiding excessive alcohol, fatty and sugary foods. Since this isn’t always practical, ensure you top up any deficiencies with quality supplements.

Obviously you will need supplements for before, during and after your training rides and the race itself.

For optimal energy on rides shorter than three hours, use one of the following:

  • CytoPower HP
  • BCAA Vitargo

For optimal energy on rides three hours or longer, use:

  • Epic Pro

For optimal recovery after any ride, use:

  • Recover Max

For optimal recovery after really long or really hard rides, use:

  • Epic Pro

For overnight recovery (in addition to post-ride supplements), use:

  • Protein Dessert

If you’re losing too much weight and feeling low on energy, use:

  • Muscle Fuel STS meal replacement

For additional fast-acting energy while riding, use:

On long rides, for something to eat, use:

  • Energy Pro bar
  • Protein Delite bar

In Race Week, for optimal phosphate availability and to minimise the risk of cramps, load up on:

  • Cramp Block

Before each stage, for phosphate top-up and improved breathing efficiency and oxygen availability to muscles, load up on:

  • VO2 Max (take more during the stage if necessary)

For any additional supplement advice, email