Sky Healthcare Limited is proud to be appointed as the Distributor for USN products throughout the East Africa region. All the USN products on the following pages will be available from us and appointed retailers.

IT’S ALL ABOUT RESULTS – This is the USN credo that drives our staff and our brand to continually innovate and achieve. Success, no matter what form it takes, and the unyielding desire of our consumers in their quest to be better.

HEALTH AND FITNESS. Two of the must-haves in today’s fast-paced, achievement focused world.

The industry that enables today’s top achievers to reach these goals will enjoy phenomenal growth. The upsurge of nutritional health supplements is well poised to take advantage of the modern quest for improved human performance.

Ultimate Sports Nutrition has developed a range of nutritional supplements that draw on the world’s leading scientific research to help consumers reach the ultimate in fitness levels and at the same time enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.


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