NameEric Nesbitt aka “OBL”
RoleRace Director and route planning
About Eric

Eric perpetually explores new riding destinations

RVO x6, Sani2c x2, joBerg2c, Cape Epic x2, wines2whales, Cape Cycle Tour, Trans Alps, Trans Rockies, Moab 24hours

NameAlex Tibwitta aka “Marathon Man”
RoleAbsorb all blame for the route design
About Alex

Alex rides and rides and rides. A truly Epic mountain biker!

RVO x4, Cape Epic x2, Breck Epic x2, Swazi Frontier, Cape Cycle Tour

NameDaniel Szlapak aka “Racing Snake”
About Danny

Racing snake extraordinaire

RVO x6, Sani2c, Cape Epic, wines2whales

NameJason Potter aka “The Stig”
RoleSingle Track Bloodhound…
About Jason

MTB Puritan. The last of a dying breed???

RVO x5, Cape Epic x2, Brek Epic Trans Wales, Swazi Frontier

NameMichael Kontos aka “Iron Mike”
RoleBrutal common sense
About Mike

Mike rides for a purpose and not for fun. He believes that “agony” is overrated

RVO x5, Ironman SA, Ironman 70.3 x2, Sani2c, joBerg2c, Cape Epic, wines2whales Trans Alps, Trans Rockies, Lake Victoria by canoe (333 km S-N)

NameGerald Osmond
Race Manager
About Gerald

Gerald rides for fun but repairs bikes to reduce his hair loss. He organises multiple races across the year

RVO x1