RVO : Maasai Mara

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic we are uncertain about hosting the RVO this year.
Please register now but pay only after 01 July 2020, by then we hope to have a clearer idea of the global situation.

For 2020 entries will be limited to 50 participants only.

  • 21-25 Sep : 5 day :   500 km : 9,000 m ascent : Limuru – Lake Naivasha – Mt. Suswa Crater – Maji Moto – Loita – Maasai Mara
  • 23-25 Sep : 3 day  :    315 km  : 5,400 m ascent : Mt. Suswa Crater – Maji Moto – Loita – Maasai Mara

Post-race vacation for 2 nights in Maasai Mara with our customised safari packages at:
a) Instinct of the Mara Camp link   or b) Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp link   or c) Encounter Mara Camp link.


The RVO is the only mountain bike race to cross the Great Rift Valley, finishing at Kenya’s iconic safari destination – Maasai Mara.  September is migration season, when approximately 2 million animals migrate between Serengeti and Maasai Mara National Parks.

Cycling on the RVO is like cycling through pages of the National Geographic magazine, each stage crosses incredible landscape that is littered with wildlife; through verdant farmlands, vast indigenous forests, blistering volcanic deserts, arid scrub land, montane forests and rolling savannah. This breathtaking adventure race is 50% single track and 50% jeep track, it provides an intense mountain biking experience across raw Africa.

Our customised post race safari package for 2 nights provides the opportunity to visit Maasai Mara, to witness the annual migration, a spectacular wonder of the natural world. Refer to pre & post race packages pdf for details. Enjoy a majestic hot air balloon ride, floating overhead this magnificent wildlife spectacle.

For 2020 registration is limited to only 50 participants so as to ensure this phenomenal experience is fully enjoyed at an intimate level. The RVO is probably the most unique mountain bike adventure race in the world, delivering breathtaking experiences to discerning cyclists that yearn for an incredible adventure.

Solo participants will be accepted at Race Directors discretion, prior experience at marathon multi-stage races is required. Teams with 2 or 3 partners is most common. The RVO is enjoyed best when riding solo or with a team of good friends.

The only course markings are the start and finish lines of each stage, each team must depend 100% upon their GARMIN GPS to self-navigate for 5 days. Teams must remain together throughout their odyssey as the route traverses remote wilderness areas, so having a teammate provides support in case of any mishap. Safety marshals on motorbikes and medical teams will monitor along the route.

The challenging trails are raw yet flowing, single track trails demand good skills, forest trails, bush trails, exhilarating descents, arduous ascents (peak race altitude is at 2,800 m), pristine wilderness and open savannah with plains game.

A high level of physical fitness and mental preparation is required; the astounding scenery conceals the true physical challenge of the RVO. Because this is not a race against the clock, e-mountain bikes are welcome; we will deliver spare batteries to WP2 on each stage. Charging facilities are available in each race camp (240V UK plug standard).

IATA airline regulations prohibit the carriage of e-bike batteries on passenger flights, you must therefore freight your batteries by road or sea. An e-bike without a battery can be carried on flights as passenger luggage.

The RVO is a long and adventurous journey :
Prepare well for the Odyssey … or … be well prepared for an ordeal.