Ngong Hills: 02-03 Feb 2019


RVO Ngong Hills race is the easiest all RVO races, designed as an introductory event for those new to MTB races. A moderate level of physical fitness and novice technical skills are sufficient, the course design allows for an easy introduction to GPS self-navigation. Trail terrain is fairly smooth with minimal technical sections; the entire route is rideable by a novice mountain biker. Each day is in a different area.



SOLO or TEAMS will be accepted.

  • Solo Riders / Teams start at two minute intervals in reverse seed order.
  • 100% GPS self-navigation is required on both days.

VENUE: hosted at (FCC) Farmers Conference Centre, Thogoto, Kikuyu. FCC is 1.5km off the southern bypass, 4km south of Kikuyu Town (Google map)

A FUN MOUNTAIN BIKE RACE across the lower slopes of Ngong Hills. A low level of physical fitness is sufficient to enjoy this RVO experience. The venue is so close to Nairobi yet the terrain is pure bush, dropping into the Rift Valley is sure to yield interesting wildlife experiences.

HIGH ALTITUDE & SMALL HILLS will exert considerable cardio-vascular demands on all participants. If you are not well trained you can ride as gently as you please, your enjoyment is key.

TRAIL TERRAIN IS MILD, yet raw with a minimum of technical sections. Whistling thorns abound so tubeless tires filled with an extra dose of sealant is essential (Stan’s is best). In line with true adventures, participants MUST be self-sufficient for on ride nutrition.

GPS ENABLED SELF-NAVIGATION is core to all RVO events. A GARMIN GPS is required by each cyclist (or team) to self-navigate, there are no course markings on this adventure.

KENYA ROAD MAP is available for purchase from RVO; pre-loaded on a micro-SD chip ready for plugging into your Garmin GPS

WATER POINTS are not provided; this is a self supported adventure. Carry cash if you need to stop at a village kiosk.

MEDICAL SUPPORT a single ambulance staffed with a first aid crew provides support.

VEHICLE SUPPORT is not provided; only medical extraction will be provided

MECHANICAL SUPPORT is not provided; please carry all spares and tools that you might require.