Kiambu Gravel

Race venue is at Migaa Golf Club, Kiambu. The extensive network of village roads provide for an intense day of gravel riding. This is a fast course on predominantly smooth gravel roads that favour gravel vs. mountain bikes.

E-bikes are welcome but will not classify for awards.

Race is limited to 50 participants. Entries close on 22 Nov.

  • Main 70 km / 1300 m ascent / WP 41 km
  • Lite 50 km / 900 m ascent / WP 29 km
  • Lite 40 km / 740 m ascent / WP 20 km


VENUE:  Migaa Golf Club, Kiambu. (Google map)

INTERVAL START:  batch start at 3 minute intervals in reverse seed order (fastest last)

BIG HILLS:  will exert considerable cardio-vascular demands on all participants. If you are not well trained you will struggle, but you will love the scenic route!

GPS ENABLED SELF-NAVIGATION:  is core to all RVO events. A Garmin GPS is required by each rider (or team) to self-navigate, there are no course markings on this adventure.

WATER POINTS:  a single water point with trail snacks will be provided. In line with true adventures, participants should be self-sufficient for on ride nutrition.

MEDICAL SUPPORT:  Paramedic will be on hand to provide medical support.

VEHICLE SUPPORT:  is not provided; only medical extraction will be provided

MECHANICAL SUPPORT:  Bicycle Garage will be at venue to provide their technical support.