Aberdare Hills

RVO Aberdare Hills opens up a new area to intense mountain biking, it puts the “mountain” into mountain biking.

  • Saturday 09:00 – 60 km main / 20 km Lite
  • Sunday 08:00 – 40 km main / 25 km Lite
  • Youth teams 13-17 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Beer, BS & Massage available all weekend.

Good level of physical fitness with average technical skills are sufficient, this weekend event is designed as a final preparation for the Rift Valley Odyssey in September.


VENUE: Aberdare Cottages – 2 km west from Kangema Town. (Google map)

HIGH ALTITUDE & BIG HILLS will exert considerable cardio-vascular demands on all participants. If you are not well trained you can ride as gently as you please, your enjoyment is key.

GPS ENABLED SELF-NAVIGATION is core to all RVO events. A Garmin GPS is required by each rider (or team) to self-navigate, there are no course markings on this adventure.

INTERVAL START teams will start off at 3 minute intervals in reverse seed order (fastest last)

WATER POINTS a single water point per stage. In line with true adventures, participants should be self-sufficient for on ride nutrition.

MEDICAL SUPPORT a paramedic will be in camp to provides support.

VEHICLE SUPPORT is not provided; only medical extraction will be provided

MECHANICAL SUPPORT is provided by the Bike Shop, Karen

KENYA ROAD MAP is available for purchase from RVO; pre-loaded on a micro-SD chip ready for plugging into your Garmin