Park entry fees are payable in addition to the race entry fee

The RVO traverses areas protected and managed by both:
Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) and
Kenya Forestry Services (KFS)

KWS Fees structure

The RVO enters Hell’s Gate National Park on all 3 days and the following rates (per day) apply:

Bicycle fees – KES 100.00 per day per rider
E Africa citizens – KES 300.00 = Total payable 1,200.00
E Africa residents – KES 500.00 = Total payable 1,800.00
Non-residents – USD 25.00 = Total payable $75.00 + 300.00

KWS fees will be collected together with the entry fee and disbursed to KWS prior to the race

KWS wardens will visit Race Camp at the end of Stage 1 to validate all tickets. It is critical that all entrants carry proof of their citizenship / residency status, otherwise KWS will charge the full $75 for any rider that cannot prove their residency status against their registration form (please please don’t forget your docs). Because this will be pre-paid bulk ticketing for the entire group, KWS will not refund any entrants that do not complete all 3 days of riding, they will instead thank you for your magnanimous contributions. All supporters entering HGNP will be liable to the standard fee structure.

KFS Fees structure

The RVO enters KFS forests on Stage 1. The KFS rate is KES 500.00 (per day) for all entrants it is included within the race entry fee.

The RVO Team