Odyssey Rules


Odyssey Rules

(Rules adapted from Joberg2c)

Unfortunately there must be rules, rules are created principally for rider safety and enjoyment. For those who are serious racers, these rules also provide the parameters in which riders must race to avoid penalties or punch-ups.

For non-racers, they will give you an indication of what it’s like to race without actually having to. There are two rules that we consider mandatory for all riders:

(a) Partners must stick together at all times

(b) Riders carry their full supply of obligatory equipment (defined sec. 5).

It might happen that some stronger partners might leave their weaker partners along the way. This is regrettably not within the spirit of MTB stage races and friendships are easily broken. Any riders stuck in the middle of the Rift Valley without sustenance or repair equipment will have a very long day.  They might also become a convenient meal on (broken) wheels…

Supplementary versions of the RVO rules may be uploaded in due course. The RVO is conducted in the spirit of self-contained, self-reliant cross-country cycling. Riders participate in the RVO with an understanding and acceptance of this ethos.