I don’t know anything about orienteering. How will I know if I am on the right track if I only have a GPS?


There is nothing simpler. You don’t need to know anything about orienteering, nor do you need to be an expert on GPSs. The only thing you do need to ensure is that when you view your screen – you are the arrow and the RVO track is the fat line. As long as you keep the arrow on the line, then you are on course.

It is critical that all entrants are very familiar with their GPS units, especially at adjusting their zoom level in/out.  Due to the innumerable junctions and single-track footpaths, we suggest riding with a maximum zoom level of 80m-120m magnification.

By using a Garmin GPS there is little chance of getting lost, and the additional information that appears on the screen means you don’t even have to hesitate when you come to an intersection or crossroads. Your performance on the trails will be exactly the same as if you were following physical course markers, with the added benefit that you are unlikely to take a wrong turn, and you will never get (totally) lost, unlike if you were following a marked course.